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Sunday, April 26, 2015

5 Things My Father Taught me about Life and Business

My parents are the two greatest people I know. They taught me just about everything I am.

1. Never depend on one Income. My parents always made money. They were simple civil servants but they ran businesses. We sold cooking oil, fish, rice you name it. They grew vegetables, rared chickens and much more. They were never broke for more than two hours.

2. Work as a Team. You and your spouse must do your best to work as a team. My father and mother were soul-mates. IN life it is easy to ignore your partner. It is tempting to see your partner as a fool. But the reality is that two is always better than one.

3. Be Simple. My father never minded what car he drove. As long as he drove. He had money but many people would have lived in different lifestyles had they had my fathers kind of money. He kept first things first.

4. Teach Your Children; don't spoil them. We went on business trips with them. I went with them to auction sales to buy property. I saw this from my parents. They never gave me money anyhow. But knowledge and wisdom were in abundance.

5. Be Nice to People. My father was a star. My mother a star. They were loved by many. I miss them greatly. Everywhere I go even to this day I am recognized by people as a results of my fathers work. One of my teachers at one of my schools was a student of my mothers. How touching.

My name is Mubita Christipher Nawa. I am the second born son (in a family of five) of the late Mr. Charles Pumulo Nawa and the late Mrs Patricia Mukumbuta Nawa of Chelstone, Kaunda Square and Barlastone Park via Sefula Musindi and Nakonga with a stop in Limulunga.

My father died on 20th February 1994 when I was nineteen and my mother died on 31st August 2005 when I was twenty nine.

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

― Abraham Lincoln

Mubita C. Nawa
Author & Life Coach
10 Qualities of a Great Master of Ceremonies


You can spend millions on your function. But if you don't select your MC well, you will spoil a moment that was designed to be memorable.


1. Excellent Time Keeper. A great MC may start a function late (often beyond their control) but they never close a function late.

2. Dresses Well. Looks are not everything but they are part of a lot.

3. Grammar & Diction Matter. Even in vernacular great vocabulary sets you apart.

4. Sense of Humor. A great MC utilizes mature humor.

5. Sensitivity. Any group is diverse. A great MC handles all groups with tact and diplomacy.

6. Authoritative. If someone tries to hijack a function, a great MC takes charge. Long speeches are cut short by the MC. Boring moments are transformed.

7. Entertaining. A great MC is everything. He has all tricks in his bag. He can dance, sing, clown, be serious, cry and be romantic.

8. Intelligent. Even if you have never been to school, just show people that you know where schools are located.

9. Obedient. A great MC listens to the orders of his or her bosses. The people who have hired you.

10. Organized. No mungulu in MC-ship. Be on top of your game.


The author of this article MC Nawa is a professional director of ceremonies with over 300 functions under his belt in fifteen years. For contact and bookings or FREE consultations call 0963739100