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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Mubita C. Nawa

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Everyone who has come to see me for interview coaching has got the job
they interviewed for. Only about 5% failed to get the job for various
reasons. What is the secret.

1. Only apply for jobs that will allow you to succeed and grow.
2. Arrive fifteen minutes to thirty minutes early.
3. Dress appropriately. In my coaching sessions I even select clothes
to wear with the clients. From colour to pattern.
4. There are three types of greetings when entering the interview
room. Knowing which ones to use will send a signal to your employer.
5. Be relaxed and smile.
6. Never reveal how broke you are or how challenged you are. If you
walked to the interview, clean your shoes and gently wipe your face.
7. Call the day before to ask for directions. Even if you know the
place just call. Let them know the "kingpin" is about to be hired.
8. Understand that interviews start the day you apply or are contacted.
9. Understand that interviews continue even if you didn't get the job.
As long as they have your resume or CV, you are being interviewed.
10. Never ask about money until they ask you about money. There are
other ways to find out about pay. E.g. "I was wondering what the scope
of responsibility or geographical footprint is for this job?" If they
tell you that you will work in Malawi, Belgium, Burundi and Bangweulu
just know you are buying that Corolla next year.
11. Research. Read a bit about the company.
12. Be nice to everyone. You don't know who is who. The lady at the
reception might be the wife to the MD or the guard might be the MD.
13. Sale your experience or attributes not your qualifications. Most
employers are so desperate to higher the right person that they never
even check which school you attended.
14......... we can go on and on.

What is important is to be ready mentally. The greatest quality in an
interview is a positive attitude blended with confidence. Be truthful
but never vulnerable. Be joyful but not playful. Be confident without
being corcky.

Next time I will highlight how to close an interview, posture,
gestures, handshakes or not, hugs and kisses and what to do when you
find your Ex on the interview panel.

God bless.

Footnote: Clean up your Facebook page and mind what you say there and
post. Your Facebook account is now your biggest CV. Remove those sexy
pose pictures. Its not social media anymore. Facebook is a market
similar to Wallsteet, Johannesburg stock exchange and Manda Hill.

Mubita C. Nawa
Author & Life Coach

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just had the greatest career development talk in front of 200 Inspire Leadership School students (grades 2-7). "The Power of Dirty Jobs". Spoke to the children about alternative careers like cleaning toilets, running hammer mills and others. They were touched. Gave them examples of hammer mills billionaires like GBP, National Milling etc. Told them about toilet cleaners like Andrew Kurt, Nemchem and others. They were shocked.

Finally told them about one of the most successful truck drivers in Zambia. They cried.