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Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Letter from Tanzania
By Mc Nawa

It is a pleasure to write to you from Tanzania. Today I had lunch in Tunduma at Eastland Hotel. It was a wonderful meal that spoke more about the Tanzanian people as it did of nostalgia of the life, culture and way of thinking of Tanzanians.
I have summarized the lessons in this letter as follows:-
1. Financial- With money you just can't trust 100%
2. Social- If you stay in the same place you will not see what is on the other side.
3. Logistical- Do it yourself.
4. Legendary- Your name is still powerful.
5. Motivational- Everyone loves a Free CD.
6. Family- Your spouse is your best business ever.
7. Do it again- Never give up.
At the end of this letter I pray that you will sense the lessons listed above.

I arrived in Nakonde a couple of days ago. Nakonde is over a thousand kilometers from Lusaka. Part of the road is excellent and the other part is unkind. Just a week ago, a commuter bus overturned killing six people on board. My trip was either unplanned, avoided or procrastinated so many times that it had to be made. I was conflicted in my heart.
I have come to clear vehicles. After the challenges of our car business two years ago, many lessons were harvested. Financially, if you keep giving people money to do things for you (without firewalls), no matter how much money you have you will cry one day. So I came because I do not want to cry anymore. I have lost too much money and I just had to come and clear these cars myself. The exciting part is we are clearing the final left over from the last business and the new comers from the new business. I am excited.

In the past I always lodged on the Tanzanian side of the border. This time I have been on the Zambian side. I am glad I did. I am staying at a lodge owned by a 28 year old. He is a young rich man. One of those people who make you want to burn everything you have and just start all over. It is a beautiful lodge and so glad to support a fellow native.

My wife kept telling me to make this trip. I kept sending people. But spouses have a way of getting us to do what no one else can. She was right. I have saved a lot of money and solved a lot of problems. I am glad I listened to her. In business you just have to listen to your partner. Our partners may be crazy some days but not all days.

The new refurbished border on the Zambian side is simply immaculate. Yesterday and today I walked around giving away free CDs. I am amazed at how much honor and respect people show. They treat me like a celebrity. And yet I am just this simple guy who is actually shy. But truth be told it's not what you think you are it is what people know you are and what you mean to them.

Tomorrow I drive back to Lusaka. I love cars. Cars are in me and me in cars. A pastor from Kenya spoke a word to me two years ago and said your business of cars was helping a lot of people. Fix the problem and start helping people again. He was right. No one can run away from their own shadow.

Today my agent and I went to Tanzania. We walked there without passports. Life at the border is so porous and people walk in and out either countries like bacteria. And we were like bacteria too.
As I stepped on the sovereign land of Tanzania I was greeted by "matatoo" sounds, smell of fresh vegetables and the squeak of sugar cane being squeezed out of every juice. Tanzanians work hard and often careless about looks. They seem to care more about results. They have a focus and a simplicity that is complex. They carry very little airs nor baggage. Pretense is not in their domain though it would be pretentious to accuse them of being perfect.

I was like a kid in Disney land. I love Tanzania so much I almost moved to Tanzania a few years ago. We spoke candidly with my agent. It felt great. I was healing from the loss of two years ago. I am still healing. I lost a lot of money. Yet still here. He asked me a question and it is my answer to him that teared my eyes, and his.
"Mr. Nawa you cleared over a hundred vehicles here two years ago. What a powerful man you are. How come you have not been giving some of us business?" He asked looking straight in my eyes as we drunk a typical Tanzanian drink over fresh deep fried chicken with rice and grated tomatoes.

"My dear friend." I spoke in my typical mother's voice tilting my head to the south as if consumed in self-pity but with an erect and defiant resolve. "The life I now live is God's life. If I was not strong or a believer there would be no me today. I lost 44 cars but I am still here. I was swindled by people I trusted and I am still here. If my wife and I did not have other businesses I would not be here." Tears were abundant. In all four eyes.

"And yet I am not bitter nor upset. I am so glad to be alive. I actually want to thank all the people who did what they did. They helped me discover a better me. There is no university, no business school and no mentorship program that would have given me what I have now. So thank you to all those who did what they did. God used them to give me to me." I concluded.
At that point I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason and with the right person. Two destinies had collided and there was no devil or demon that would stop us. We concurred the world's greatest adversary, fear.

I am back in my room now, with nothing but success and strength. In life we can only concur what we accept is solvable and achievable. Failure has never and will never look good on you. Success is in your path. Go to it.
God bless.

Mubita C. Nawa
Author & Life Coach

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



The original title of this letter was build your platform. But I realized that many people actually already have a platform but have no desire to build it or in some cases to restore it. We all have something we can use in our hands to be the best people God has created us to be.

In my fifteen year experience as a life coach and motivational orator, I have concluded that human beings generally live in self-doubt. They believe in others but seldom believe in self.

Today I came to encourage someone to be great, to be resilient and to restore their faith in the things they currently have.

A few months ago I started to think about my fortieth birthday which comes up in a months' time. I have not always been excited about birthdays. Maybe my background did not avail me the luxury to celebrate parties. But significant among my birthdays have been my twentieth, thirtieth and my fortieth hopefully. I kept debating if I must book a hall at Hotel Intercontinental and invite 200 friends. Or maybe go with my family to Siavonga. Thoughts went wild as did my budget. I even googled the sport type Range Rover to see if it would make a great birthday present. I am still not certain.

One thing I am sure about is the life God has given me. The grace of God on my life has defined my platform. I have a voice and that voice inspires me a lot. Yet when I consider how that platform started 24 years ago when I was in scripture union at Mumbwa Secondary school, it humbles me. And that is my greatest joy.

Today I came to encourage you that platforms take time to build and require a lot of patience. There will be setback along the way, misunderstandings and even falls. Did I mention shortfalls?

Be determined to build and to fight to be you.

On 25th December 1999 I arrived in Dallas Texas with only $6,000.00 on me. Two days prior I didn't even know where I would stay. School at Dallas Baptist University where I was accepted was not opening till January 17th, 2000. But I was determined to settle ahead of my fellow students. You know those of us with troubled backgrounds need that extra legroom to maneuver. I knew that staying in America would help me build my platform. And boy did it ever.

I pray for strategic alliances in your life. I pray that God sends you the correct builders and carpenters, plumbers and electricians. You are destined for greatness and I am so sure you will build this platform. Let's look at specifics. Here are six simple steps you should consider.


1.       Identify your area of strength. Always put your best foot forward. I am not an accountant. I am terrible at accounts. It drives me crazy. But I am passionate about motivation. That is my strength. You will never find me developing accounts (my weakness) but you will always find me working on my strength (motivation).

2.       Eliminate Confusion. Recently my bank called me in to go receive the new Visa cards. I thought I was the only one till I found a hundred other people ahead of me. It was confusion at bank level. I could not believe my esteemed bank could be so confused about basics. Confusion is an enemy of success. Eliminate any and everything that confuses you. Platforms demand excellence and failure settles and breeds in confusion.

3.       Never take failure personal. It is oxymoronic to say what I just said. If a student fails his exams he must take it personal. How else would he improve? Right? Wrong? Failure is a lesson not an attack on the person. Learn from failure and start again. But failure must not incapacitate you.

4.       Seek Help. Some people are so good for you and others are not. Seek help in humility. Some people never receive help because they are rude and proud and boastful. Humble yourself when you seek help and people will gravitate towards you.

5.       Improve. Today must be better than yesterday. Tomorrow better than today. Do things better. My wife and I run a private school Inspire Leadership School. It has been open for six years. Each year and each term we get better. It is in us to defy the odds of the previous experience so the preceding one thrives.

6.       Do Not Mind Controversy. Becoming great means a lot. I used to worry so much about what people thought of me. It used to keep me so occupied that I would never leave my home until I got approval. Not anymore dear. Not anymore. I am liberated. I know there are friends and foes. I am no longer worried. If you like me thank God. If you do not like me thank God. If God likes me praise His holly name. If you are going to build a platform someone along the way will be offended and upset by your success or even your failure. Just remember someone else is elated by you.

Today I woke up thinking about you. I prayed for you and I want you to build now not tomorrow. Start that thing you need to start so you can be on top tomorrow. The Chinese say 'Do not fear to move forward slowly. Fear only to stand still."

My prayers are with you and yours. I am praying that God helps you build. That God gives you a vision (a clear path to your future). And that you believe in that vision and that you execute it diligently and excellently. I pray for your success. That no weapon formed against you should ever prosper. You are a champion and a gift to the world. You are a leader in the oven of God being baked to reveal such splendor and significance. Maybe I am naïve, but with my whole heart I believe in you so much and I will be at the end of the road cheering you on.


God bless.


Article written by serial entrepreneur Mubita C. Nawa. Mubita is a frequent guest on many TV and Radio shows and writes to inspire people to realize their goals. Feel free to forward this article to friends and family.


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Mubita C. Nawa
Author & Life Coach