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Saturday, September 26, 2015

6 Lessons from Poor People

Poverty is not the lack of money. The lack of money is a manifestation of a state of mind. Poor people are not just on the streets homeless. There are even people with money who are poor. I have met homeless people who are richer than those in mansions.

1. Poor people blame others. They fail to take responsibility for anything. But they enjoy heaping the blame on everyone else.

2. Lack of Initiative. A poor minded person can have a candle, a matchstick and darkness yet fail to connect the dots.

3. Contentment. Poor people are content with little. They have more faith in keeping things as they are than they do in advancing.

4. Complaint Oriented. Poor people use energy to amplify problems. They do not know it takes energy to be happy but much less than it dies to be sad. Rather than complaining about what's wrong why not celebrating what's right.

5. Freebies Mindset. A poor minded person wants everything for free. They believe their sense of entitlement makes them deserve everything in life. A poor person wants a free car even if they have no drivers licence.

6. Potentially Rich. Poor people do not realise they have the skill for managing wealth. A poor person does more with little than most rich people do. What we need to do is ask God for more so we can change not just the lives of others but improve our own.


Poverty is a state of mind. You can have little and stretch it. And you can have much and yet it feels little. God bless and I speak success all around you.

Mubita C. Nawa

Friday, September 25, 2015


By Mubita C. Nawa

This day I am writing to remind you that you are a terrific leader. I know many leaders but you are in a class of your own. I appreciate you and you are a great leader with so much potential. I believe in you, and you are among the people one can count on..

Here are the seven things I value about you.


You have a way with people. Your heart beats in the chests of others. Your conscious is wired to be a safe-net for others. Your
screw driver drives rust-free screws into frames that hold the human race together. You care because you want to show others they are rare. That is fare by me and I just wanted you to know.


A scale means more to you than the things that sit on it. Sense of balance is impeccable. Your sense of equality and equilibrium are a
rare find. Thank you for being fare to so many. This world needs more and more of that. Think about the people you touch each day and let them inspire you.


Many have but few let go. You let go not because you have so much more. But I think it's because you have so much faith that the
God who gave you in the first place will provide yet again. I thank you for that.


Courage is that bask in the sun that a green plant feels. Courage is that unison in a chain of a bike as the rider propels his life into the paddles. Courage is the reception light gives to solar panels. Courage is the faith you posses as a leader to walk into darkness with the hope and trust that the sun will shine not from above but from within us. This kind of courage I find in you.


Just like there are no two leaves that look alike on a tree, there is also only one of you. You are special and different. Never let
the weariness and raggedness of this world erode that. Your optimism is infectious and I need no antidote for that. What would
we do without people like you? We are not enslaved to you but we certainly are not going anywhere without such unique friends.


I don't mean intellectual only. I mean perceptual, intuitive, cognitive resonance and embedded awareness of time and seasons. You understand personalities and their limitations. Your build bridges before
water and you drain oceans to build strong relationships. That by me is intelligence.


Ever heard of WWJD? When I see you I actually say He would do nothing more than you already do. You are friendly even to
strangers. You make the sun shine through your eyes. WWJD (what would Jesus do?), He would be friendly to the world. He would tell
the world to emulate you and bring forgiveness where there is hurt. You have cared for angels, you have cared for strangers and you have made friends feel loved and appreciated. Thank you for being
my friend. Thank you Wiza and please pass this email around to the people you care about.

DISCLAIMER: This short poem is read at owner's risk. It may be infectious to the people you pass it on to. The author (Mubita C. Nawa) takes no responsibility for any renewed and rekindled affection that most readers experience. It is advisable to send
this article to someone you care about upon completion of first read. Generally speaking phones may ring and emails may be received
as recipients may be eager to confess their appreciation. If such symptoms are experienced please consult God and while you are in communion with God remember to pray for the author.

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In life you can either walk alone or walk beside a life coach. It matters who you walk with for they may just determine how you arrive. In some cases, they determine your destination.

Mubita C. Nawa