More than Motivation

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why are Nigerians, Kenyans, Ugandans and Rwaandies doing better in other Countries?

This is a huge generalisation which I give back to you the responsibility of eliminating what is irrelevant.

I spent almost a week in South Africa doing business. My admiration for South Africa is an open secret. I respect many aspects of the South African lifestyle and national hunger for infrastructure development. This discussion is focused on those who live in South Africa but are not from there.

"The sky is not my limit… I am." – T.F. Hodge

The most successful people in South Africa poses the following;

1. Team Work

Those who do well in this thriving economy work effectively with others.  They give revelation and referrals to others without fear or intimidation.

2. Sacrifice

There are two kinds of foreigners; those who went you play and party and those who went to work. When I lived in the USA for eight years I never ever went to a night club not even once. I was committed to avoiding the company of 'players'.

3. Serious Determination

Discouragement is everywhere. Legal papers, integration, cultural differences etc. If you are going to let any single thing wet your blanket you may not go far. The most successful people in life are the ones most committed and determined.

4. Temptations to Return to Comfort

A Nigerian will receive a call from Nigerian friends and family and they will tell him "You can't come back home. There is nothing here. Besides we are all depending on you to settle so we join you." A Zambian will get the same call and it will say "Just come home and suffer from here with friends and family." Be careful who is calling you and to what?

5. Game Play/Plan

The least successful people rarely have a plan.  They just go about doing any and everything. We don't win anyhow. We don't win somehow. We win with a plan.

6. Discipline

Self explanatory.


Why are Nigerians so successful abroad? You can give a Nigerian zero capital and give other nationals all the capital and the Nigerian will still win.

TAKE THE RISK; It is important that we risk something before we can gain anything.

May God bless you as you pursue your dream. It's never too late.

"When they say you can't, they show you their limits, not yours." – Kevin Keenoo

Mubita C. Nawa

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How to make K1,600 a month without getting a loan.

1. Buy a bucket for K10
2. Buy dish washing liquid soap for K16
3. Buy a second hand UK towel not a maton cloth.
4. Buy two buckets of water for K4
5. Wash one car for K20
6. Wash six cars in a day.

End of the month you will gross between K2,000 and K2,200

Less 25-40% expenses you bank K1,600

You can start a business with a K10

God bless.

Mubita C. Nawa