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Sunday, July 5, 2015

6 Steps to Success

I have never met a failure who actually enjoyed failing. All of us desire success but few among us understand how to succeed.

1. Stand Your Ground- Know what you want and go for it.

2. Slow but sure. There are only two overnight successes; popcorn and mushroom. Success takes time. 25 years to be a billionaire, 12 years to graduate from secondary and primary schools and an elephants gestation or pregnancy lasts 22 months. The bigger your dream the longer its birth.

3. Build a Platform. Like customers build one person at a time. I started motivation speaking with six children who were three years old. Today alone our Facebook page was read by over 50,000 people. One person at a time.

4. Pray for favour. You can't depend on education alone. Ask God for divine help.

5. Be simple. Success is a system. One of the most successful bus companies is Mazhandu Bus Services. They are successful yet simple.

6. Be Aggressive. If its yours go for it. If it has your name on it its yours. If it has no owner stake and state your claim. Timidity and success are like water and oil in one bucket.

I was born poor and I am not dying poor.

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6 Kinds of People You Must Stay Away From
By Mubita C. Nawa

1. Ignorant People. These talk about anything anytime anywhere and anyhow without facts.

2. Gossipers. These fabricate any kind of lies without moral clarity. To them black is white and white can be black depending on the day.

3. Lazi People. They want a good life without working for it.

4. Jealous People. They are only happy when they are up. If you are up they are miserable.

5. Spiritual Fanatics. These are extremists in philosophy, ideology, dogma and all reason. They only see their viewpoint as the right point.

6. Negative Minded People. These never see good at all. They are gloomy and hell proponents. Be weary.

No man is an island. But no one deserves contagious mindsets.

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